My name is Daney Koster, since 2016 I started my own advertising agency together with my little brother Nathan Koster. Before, we already made a lot of websites and design. I focused on websites and Nathan Koster did everything on design.

We started with Oxygen Builder until Bricks was launched. I immediately bought a license. I saw a lot of potential in Bricks, but unfortunately I couldn’t use it yet because I was definitely missing some options.

When Bricks 1.5 came out I thought it was a worthy product I could use. In my experience over the past few years I was constantly remaking a lot of blocks. Now I thought this can be different, what if we already have the standard blocks ready then all I have to do is import and style them. And so Bricks Design Set was born.

At first I was going to keep Bricks Design Set for myself, but then I thought what if I can help a lot of people with this, how great is it that everyone can use it. And that happened and I have no regrets about that.

Why would you buy templates when Bricks Design Set also provides them. And what if we make blocks together with a whole community. Then everyone benefits

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