Blog Card 2

Created: July 31, 2022

Modified: September 25, 2022



  1. Blog – Card 2 | Added custom css for hover effect
    1. Heading
    2. Wrapper
      1. Image
    3. Overlay On Hover | .card-2__overlay
      1. Icon
    4. Date
    5. Content
    6. Read more

Make a section -> import Blog – Card 2 drag the template inside the container.
Change column gap and row gap in container and set the container in a wrap. Set the “Blog – Card 2” in query loop and change the fields to you’re dynamic content.

You can change the width of Blog – Card 2.

If you want a 2 column row and have a column gap and row gap of 20px in the container. Set the width of Blog – Card 1 to calc(50% – 20px)

I removed the classNames of this template and add a new class for “Overlay On Hover” this class contains no content i used this classname for the hover effect.

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