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Modified: August 31, 2022

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Master in HTML
Master in HTML
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  1. Section CTA 4
    1. Container
        1. Column ::before ::after
          1. Div
            1. Image
        2. Column
          1. Div
            1. Heading ::after
            2. Basic Text
            3. USP Wrapper | .cta-4__usp__container
              1. USP | .cta-4__usp
                1. Icon | .cta-4__icon
                2. Div | .cta-4__wrap
                  1. Basic Text | .cta-4__text1
                  2. Basic Text | .cta-4__text2
              2. USP | .cta-4__usp
                1. Icon | .cta-4__icon
                2. Div | .cta-4__wrap
                  1. Basic Text | .cta-4__text1
                  2. Basic Text | .cta-4__text2
              3. Button

If you don’t have ::before and ::after pseudo-classes create those first.

On ‘Column ::before ::after’ the ::before class you can change the background image. The ::after class you can change the overlay background color.

On mobile landscape the ::before element of the first column is set to ‘display:none’ you can set the background image on the element without the pseudo-class on mobile landscape.

‘Heading ::after’ on the ::after pseudo class you change the little border beneath the heading you change the width, height and background-color of it.

.cta-4__icon there is custom css added. I used this generator for creating this effect https://cssgradient.io/

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