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Created: August 22, 2022

Modified: September 1, 2022

Sevilla confirms signing ex-Spain midfielder Isco

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Cristiano Ronaldo
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  1. Section Hero 8
    1. Container
      1. Column
        1. News
          1. Image
          2. Div
            1. Heading
            2. Button
      2. Column
        1. Col 1
          1. Div
            1. Basic Text | CSS Added
            2. Div
              1. Basic Text
              2. Basic Text
            3. Div
              1. Image | CSS Added *
        2. Col 2 | CSS Added
          1. Div
            1. Basic Text
            2. Button
          2. Image


* Using mask-image property for this image, see custom CSS.
You need to upload you’re own svg mask, en set the url correct in the custom css. If you don’t want to use the mask property then you can delete the custom css.

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